Beginner's Pole with Chan

Monday, 24 May '21   6:45pm – 7:45pm BST
The Warehouse Dance & Fitness Studios, 4-6 Queensway, Croydon, CR0 4DD
Fully booked
Beginner's Pole with Chan

Our newest Warehouse Fam recruit! Chan is a complete powerhouse of sexy and strength moves all rolled into one!
Chan has been poling for around 9 years and she's won many amateur competitions including Pole Theatre, Authentics and Dance Filthy. She loves sharing her passion and enthusiasm for pole with her students and having recently moved to South-East London, has been a regular in hiring the Warehouse studios for a while!

Beginner classes with Chan will be focused around conditioning and teaching you the basics of pole including spins, transitions, climbs and strengthening your muscles in readiness for inverting up the pole.
No previous experience required, you don't even need strong arms!
Our instructors were beginners once too and know all too well the nervous feeling of starting something new. But they will put you at ease and create a fun experience for you in a positive and welcoming environment.

Please ensure you read with Covid-19 policy when making your booking.


We advise that you wear leggings and a top to warm up in and then participate in the class wearing shorts and a top
Please do not wear body lotion when attending class as this can make the poles very slippy and difficult to manoeuvre on.

Warehouse Studios Covid-19 Policy
Warehouse Dance Studios are very excited to welcome everyone back to the studios.
In line with Government guidelines, we have prepared the studio and created new policies to reduce the risk of Covid-19. The guidelines are based on safe working published by Gov UK, Specific guidance for the industry, new cleaning guidelines and consultation with local businesses and instructors.

To keep all students and instructors at the studio safe, we have implemented the following changes to all group and private classes:

  • PRE-BOOK ONLY: You must pre-book and pay for your classes using the booking system in order to help manage our reduced capacity.

    If you are unable to attend a group class or private class or studio hire please email us as soon as possible. If you cancel at least 24 hours before the class you will be able to reschedule to another class. Due to the reduced class size, after this time you’ll loose the class.

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Social distancing guidelines will apply at all times. Please maintain distance of at least 1 metre+ between yourself and other attendees including when entering and exiting the studio. The studio has been marked out to allow for this.
    Please ensure you leave straight after the class has finish and do not hang around chatting after to avoid crossover to the next classes arrival.

  • 1 PER POLE: In keeping with social distancing guidelines, classes are limited to 1 person per pole which means 3 students and 1 pole for the instructor. You will be allocated a pole upon arrival.

  • PLEASE BE ON TIME! Arrive at the studio 5 minutes before the class is due to start. Please remain in your car until 5 minutes before the start of class to avoid cross over from previous classes. Please do not be late! It is the instructor’s discretion as to whether they will allow you to join in the class if you are more than 5 minutes late.

  • MINIMAL BELONGINGS: You will be allocated a space for your pole class with a marked out area for your belongings. Please keep belongings to a minimum eg. 1 small bag of belongings. Please ensure you take all belongings with you at the end.

  • ARRIVE WITH POLE CLOTHES ON: Please ensure you already have your polewear on underneath your clothes to minimise the amount of belongings you bring with you. Avoid bare feet during class, please wear socks, trainers or heels.

  • WASH YOUR HANDS: Please ensure you wash your hands before coming to class, the hand sanitiser bythe door to the studio must be used before and after class.

  • YOGA MATS: Please bring your own yoga mat for classes. Do not leave any personal equipment in the studio after your session has ended.

  • NO SPOTTING: Instructors will not be able to spot you during class due to social distancing measures. Please ensure you train with care, caution and within your limits.

  • ALLOCATED POLES: You will be allocated a pole upon arrival inside the studio, it will be yours for the duration of the class. Please ensure you stay in your area at all times to adhere to the social distancing rules. Each pole will have its own cleaning station containing paper towel, anti-viral spray (for the floor) and alcohol spray (for the pole) your belongings should also stay in this marked out space.

  • NO SHOUTING OR SINGING: Government has advised that singing or shouting can increase the risk of Covid-19. To minimise this risk, the music will be slightly lower volume during class.

  • WHEN LEAVING: Please ensure you thoroughly wipe down and sanitise the pole and floor using the sprays and blue towel provided.

  • CLEANING: All door handles, countertops and other common surfaces in the studio will be disinfected between classes. A log documenting the cleaning of all surfaces and equipment will also be maintained. Staff will be given checklist of tasks to be completed before and after each class to ensure that all items on the risk assessment are addressed. The studio will remain stocked with appropriate disinfectants for all surfaces and equipment.

  • TEST & TRACE Warehouse Dance Studios will be supporting the NHS Test & Trace system. The information provided when booking classes including your name and contact details will be used to assist with the NHS Test & Trace where required.

DO NOT ATTEND THE STUDIO IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY SYMPTOMS OR HAVE BEEN ADVISED TO ISOLATE. Please email if you need to self-isolate (whether that is for yourself or from someone in your household/social bubble) and do not attend classes for at least 14 days.

By signing up to class, you have agreed to adhere to the above policy.


Beginner's Pole Class with Chan
Beginner's Pole Class with Chan

The Warehouse Dance & Fitness Studios
4-6 Queensway

Our postcode is CR0 4RR however this building stretches to another road that leads behind so please programme your satellite navigation to the Lexus car garage on our road the post code is CR0 4RF. Turn down that road at the lights and drive down the road. You will see a Jewsons building on your left this road is Quernsway, you will see a very distinctive white building at the end of the road with BOURJOIS written on the top by the bend in the road (post code for that building is CR9 4DL)
We have a small grey door opposite the BOURJOIS building you will see our plaque on the wall.

Their is parking on the street further down the road. If the gates below the studio are open then we are in and you are welcome to park there. If lost or in doubt please call us and we will direct you best we can.