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Sunday, 29 May '22   10am – 1pm BST
Bramerton Village Hall, Easthill Lane, Bramerton, Norwich, NR14 7EQ
18 years and over
10 spaces available


This is a monthly offering for women to come and experience the healing and transformative power of circling together.

Each Circle gathering will be themed and draw inspiration from the seasons and the Celtic Wheel of the Year. It will be a nurturing space to connect together, share our true nature and help you to re-discover your true Wild nature.

Being a Wild Woman isn't about shouting really loudly and being angry!!!

Its about embodying all aspects of yourself both the light and the dark and stepping into your true essence of who you are.
Being a Wild woman is about owning your reality and not being afraid of your wild feminine power
Its about learning healthy boundaries for yourself
Being a Wild Woman is about speaking from the heart

How do we embody all of these qualities that are already within you?

The sacred container that we create through being in circle, held by nature and witnessed by other woman through deep active listening, allows us to feel safe, heard and validated.

A place to come together without judgement and celebrated and supported.

You will learn how to flow with the seasons and bring simple ritual earth based activities into your every day life
You will experience the magic of sisterhood circling
You will embody different ways of being yourself through Wild Woman Expressive Dance
You will feel curious with a sense of play and wonder through nature play
You will feel a sense of peace and presence through mindfulness practises that nourish you.

This month: EMERGENCE
We will celebrate Beltane with a FIRE and release what we no longer need in our lives that are holding us back.
We will discover the magic and healing power of Labyrinths as we learn to create them and walk our sacred journey through one together.
We will embody the quality of fire within our Wild Embodied dance session.


  • Time in Circle to check in and have meaningful discussions based on the topic

  • Wild Woman Embodied Dance of the elements to bring you back to your bodies, embrace the
    elements and feel at home in the space

  • A craft or earth based creative activity to help you embrace the season

  • Nature connection invitations to help you connect with an aspect of your true nature

  • A meditation to help bring you mindfulness and a sense of presence

  • Time for rest and relaxation together

  • Time to connect with nature both inside and outside the space.

  • Hot drinks and healthy snacks will be provided

If you resonate with this and feel a big heartfelt YES... I am excited to hold space for all that you are and share your journey to awakening your true essence in all your Wild Woman Colours.

This event is for women only.


More information will be sent to you nearer the time.

Bright Blessings





Bramerton Village Hall
Easthill Lane
NR14 7EQ

Chairs can be provided if you do not wish to sit on the floor.

Some sessions will be held outside at the nearby field.


  • Toilets
  • Parking