From 7 May 2021
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May, 2021
7 Fri 5pm BST Flex
5:30pm BST Funky Step with TRISH
8 Sat 9:30am BST Stretch & Strength
10:30am BST Street Dance-Fit
9:30pm BST Broadway Boogie with EMILY
9 Sun 9:30am BST RockBox with Nic
11am BST Zumba with MATT
10 Mon 7am BST Kettlebells: Top half and Tums with TASH
9:30am BST Fitness Pilates with Mini Ball
10:15am BST Dumbbell Crunch
6:15pm BST Dance-Fit
7pm BST Zumba with MATT
11 Tue 9:30am BST World Beats - Themed Dance-Fitness
10am BST Pure STretch & Power with TASH
5:30pm BST BoxFit Barre
6:15pm BST Gentle Pilates
7:15pm BST Pure STretch & Power with TASH
7:30pm BST Fit Steps with DANIELLE
7:30pm BST Freestyle Aerobics with MATT
12 Wed 7am BST HIIT Bodyweight with TASH
Times shown in timezone: London