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40hr FURTHER TRAINING COURSE (FTC) - Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP) YIN  YOGA MODULE 2 (Spine & Upper body)

Friday, 3 November '23   9:30am – 8pm GMT
Yoga Dragon Studio, The Glassworks, Butterfield Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 1NZ
Event cancelled
40hr FURTHER TRAINING COURSE (FTC) - Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP) YIN  YOGA MODULE 2 (Spine & Upper body)

Course dates

  • Fri, 3 Nov '23   9:30am – 8pm GMT Cancelled - done
  • Sat, 4 Nov '23   9:30am – 8pm GMT Cancelled - done
  • Sun, 5 Nov '23   9:30am – 8pm GMT Cancelled - done


Yin Yoga Further Training Course Module 2
40 hours certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals 
No prerequisites necessary. It is not necessary to have attended Module 1 to attend Module 2 (and vice versa)

This 40 hour Yin Yoga Further Training is a certified course and has met the strict requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. 
This course presents a balanced foundation in Yin yoga principles, from which trainees will emerge with adequate knowledge and skill to implement their own yoga practice. For those who are yoga teachers already it will provide a strong foundation to teach yin yoga from a functional approach.

Gabriela Maass (Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer Yoga Alliance Professionals & 500 hrs Yin Yoga Teacher trained by Paul and Suzie Grilley).

Name of course: Yin Yoga Further Training Module 2 (Spine & Upper body).

Number of Modules: 1 module of 40 hours intensive, of which 28 hours are in direct contact with Gabriela and 12 hours of study, assignments and essays.

Meeting location: Yoga Dragon, Lancaster, United Kingdom
Course Overview 

The course will include (but is not limited to) the following areas of study:
•    Asana for Yin yoga
•    Functional Yoga Anatomy of spine and upper body
•    Teaching methodology
This Further Training Course will provide you with a solid foundation and complement your yoga teaching skills so you can apply functional yin yoga principles to your current teaching confidently. You will also learn how to implement your own yin yoga practice into your daily life. The instruction is delivered largely through an experiential teaching methodology, with the addition of personal research and written assignments. 
Trainees will…
•    become knowledgeable in a functional approach for practicing Yin yoga.
•    develop an understanding of functional yoga anatomy, skeletal variation, and functional alignment for the spine and upper body.
•    learn the art of observation and adjustment and self adjustment in asana based on functional anatomical knowledge including the use of assisted yin yoga.
•    for those of you that are already teachers it will allow you to lead classes based on your understanding of Yin yoga principles and functional anatomy.

About Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is healing and a very simple practice. We settle into an asana for 3-7 minutes and slowly relax our muscles to allow the deeper tissues–the connective tissues that wrap our muscles and make up our joint capsules–to be safely stretched and stimulated.

The alignment rules of the postures are also simple, but more importantly they are functional and organic: we listen to our bodies and lead ourselves into surrendering to the shape of the natural contours of our pelvis, hips, spine and upper body. 

However, bringing ourselves into this simplicity can be challenging. The practice of being still and quiet for minutes at a time can be trying enough, let alone while dropping into a powerful stretch that moves across wide sheets of fascia and drops deep into the ligaments of the joints. Listening to our bodies to find the natural alignment of the pose requires a power of discrimination, and an understanding and familiarity with the ever-changing sensations in the body.
In this training, we will analyse, observe and practice all of these elements of Yin Yoga in depth. We will examine ourselves thoroughly, using meditation techniques or mindfulness that guide us into a steady awareness of the changing sensations in the postures. This is a very experiential course; we will use hands-on study and examine each other with anatomical range of motion tests. We develop in this way an understanding of the infinite variety of human body shapes, clarifying why every posture should be modified to the individual. We learn the basic techniques to help us develop a safe and effective personal practice and if you are a yoga teacher it will help you to lead each Yin Yoga student into a practice that respects their unique skeletal shape guiding them into taking the appropriate asana for each individual.
There are no prerequisites for students applying for this 40 hours further training course. If you have already attended to Module 1  this Module 2 will complete, complement and deepen your understanding for teaching or personal practice application. Each module is a standalone 40 hour course, but we highly recommend attending both!
Places for this Course are limited to 10 places.
Course schedule
The course consists of 1 x 8 hours tuition day plus 2 x 10 hours tuition days.
Course Dates:

21st, 22nd & 23rd of April 2023
Contact hours – 28 hours

Non-contact hours – 12 hours  (includes reading, study, essays and any written work).
This course consists of a total 40 hours with 28 contact hours as required. 
Certificates will be provided only after students have handled or sent their completed essays.
Day 1- 3 Timetable
Start of course Friday 12 noon
Daily training morning 
9:30am- 1:30pm (except Friday when we start at 12 noon)
Lunch 1:30- 2:30pm
Daily training afternoon
2:30- 8pm
This Further Training course requires full attendance to receive certification.
Our Further Training course meets the strict requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals 
Course fees
The total course fee is £460. A minimum, non-returnable deposit of £160 is required upon acceptance of a place on the course. The remaining £300 should be paid one month before the course please.
Fee includes

  • Tuition 
  • Course manual
  • Certificate
    Fee excludes

  • Essential pre-course study and course reference books (titles will be given to you upon registration to the course)

  • Essential yoga props (if necessary list will be given to you upon registration to the course)

  • Travel costs and transfers 

  • Accommodation and transport 
    Bookings are managed by our partner Yoga Dragon in Lancaster
    To book, please CLICK HERE
    (Yoga Dragon Terms and Conditions Apply)

T&C and Refund Policy Guidelines for bookings 2023

Payment Deposit Dates: The deposit or full fee is not refundable under any circumstances, nor transferable to another person or course.
Student Pulling Out of Course
Refunds of the deposit or the full fee cannot be made for cancellations by the attendee. Nor by cancellations created by events as natural disasters (including climate or health events beyond the control of either attendees or the teacher) However the teacher will find a new date in agreement with all the students previously booked in the course. No refunds will then be given if a student cannot attend on the agreed date due to force majeure. Such a student though will be entitled to receive a credit note that he or she can use in future event/s.
Cancelation and alterations to course schedule
Course leaders reserve the right to cancel the course at any point due to unforeseen, exceptional circumstances. All efforts will be made to complete the training, for example by finding a replacement SYT in the event of illness. 
If modules need to be postponed, then alternative dates will be agreed with booked participants. (We reserve the right to change the venue to one of a similar standard and location if necessary). 
During the course we expect 
Students to arrive on time; not to re-enter the room during meditation; not to lie down during classes and lectures; not to consume food during classes and lectures; not to take pictures; and to treat other students and teachers with respect.


Please arrive no later than 10 mins before the start time.



Yin Yoga Further Training Course Module 2

Course ticket - for all 3 dates.
Yin Yoga Further Training Course Module 2 - 3 day course admission at Yoga Dragon.

£460 Full payment - Yin Yoga Further Training Course Module 2

Yin Yoga Further Training Course Module 2 - 3 day course admission at Yoga Dragon.


Yoga Dragon Studio
The Glassworks
Butterfield Street

Paid parking is available at Cable Street Car Park and Wood Street Car Park both two minutes away from the studio.


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