Well-Being Workshop

Sunday, 24 March '19   11am - 2pm
Benk + Bo, 4 - 6 Gravel Lane, Spitalfields, London E1 7AW

Health - Healing - Harmony: An Immersive practice in Self Care.

With several relaxing and therapeutic modalities for health & Wellness. Somatic Movement, Yin Yoga: for safe stretch to release habitual tension followed by deep rest and rejuvenation with the profound practice of Restorative yoga. Rest, Relax, Re-calibrate and Revitalise body, mind and soul holistically from the stressful modern living. Or whether you are recovering from acute pain or managing chronic health conditions.

This 3hr urban mini-retreat will leave you blissful relaxed, re-balanced and completely rejuvenated. Learn simple and effective nourishing Self Care techniques which you can practice at home. Move in the direction of better health and harmonious balance.

No yoga experience necessary. Options in Yin Yoga are offered to meet you where you are. Stretch, not strain and learn to hone your sensations to become more Self Aware. Restorative yoga can be adapted for every one. Majority if not all of health conditions, prenatal students, plus injured can be catered for and warmly welcomed. If you can get down on the yoga mat and simply breathe. That is enough.

These 3hr immersions takes place in the my new home: Benk+ Bo...
I am excited and delighted to share my love and benefits of Yin & Restorative yoga on a monthly basis again, at a great new venue offering ChromoTherapy (colour therapy: colours vibrate at different frequencies and the use of colour helps balance our internal vibrations and organs).

Different from more active styles of yoga, we will move slowly through our internal landscape and concentrate on surrendering our weight to supports and softening into opening and gentle stretches. This helps us to relieve the effects of negative stress encountered in daily life, and can be highly beneficial in times of fatigue, illness, and emotional strain. Our focus will be to calm and nurture ourselves on all levels during the class.

Participants go deep as they are guided with Pranayama (breathing techniques) to help with the detoxification process and be washed with the resonance of selected singing bowls that helps ground you into a deep meditative state and shift and rebalance the subtle energies of the energetic body.

“It was such a fantastic workshop today (24Mar'19) Ling. My friend and I got so much out of it - you have no idea! You have found your calling and your passion in life and it benefits so many people.

Ling puts in so much care in the planning of each immersion sharing well suited poems and brings a wealth of wisdom and knowledge for her students. I've been going to her workshops and retreats for years now and the workshop is always a happy and nurturing space." ~ Jen Richt.

Online bookings limited to 20 participants.

Note: Studio is on the first floor via one set of stairs.


YogaLing Restorative Yoga

Benk + Bo
4 - 6 Gravel Lane
London E1 7AW

Public Transport. Three Tube stations are within 6mins walking distance

  • Liverpool St. 6mins
  • Aldgate East, 5mins
  • Aldgate, 3mins