Yogaroma Online with Lara ~ Scaravelli Inspired Yoga ~ Virtual Practice

Saturday, 6 June '20   10am - 11:15am
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100 spaces available
Yogaroma Online with Lara ~ Scaravelli Inspired Yoga ~ Virtual Practice

This online Scaravelli Inspired Yoga class focuses on movement and asanas using the ground, breath, spine, expansion and space. The focus of this practice uses the earths energy to release the weight of the lower body towards gravity which creates lightness and expansion in the upper realm of the body. As you learn to work with the natural life force (breath) within, you will discover a primal ‘wave-like movement’ along your spine, inviting small micro movements to reveal themselves and exploring undulating sensations through the body.

The practice begins on the ground where Lara will guide you away from ‘doing’ movement but rather sensing and feeling into being ‘movement’, opening up sensory awareness and new neurological pathways through the body. Exercises on the ground invite spirals, rotations, circular and sliding gliding movements to reduce myofasical holding and then you’re guided to unfold from the ground up to standing poses to integrate, strengthen, elongation and bring a new found vitality and radiance to your inner structures.

Your mind becomes calm and focused and body free of tension. Its a deeply intelligent, nurturing and grounding practice allowing you to get in contact with your true inner nature without imposing other layers.


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Scaravelli Inspired Yoga with Lara (Saturday)
100 available
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