Restorative Yoga Workshop @ The Studio SE6

Saturday, 14 March '20   3pm – 5pm GMT
The Studio SE6, Culverley Road, London, SE6
4 spaces available

“Collapsing is not relaxing” - Judith Hanson Lasater

What is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative yoga evolved from the teachings of BKS Iyengar and is suitable for everyone regardless of yoga style or level.

Gentle stretches and breath awareness help to release tension and allow your body and mind to relax deeply.

Poses are held for longer lengths of time (up to 15mins) with the body fully supported on bolsters and blankets to ensure comfort and ease.

Classes are in silence, to help grow our brain cells(!), and numbers are kept low to ensure each participant gets individual attention, if required. Diffused essential oils add to the peaceful atmosphere.

Restorative yoga is great for everyone, but is the perfect companion to active fitness regimes and is ideal for anyone dealing with stressful life situations or recovering from illness or injury.

Why practice it?

A little bit of stress is a good thing but if we start to feel overwhelmed and heading for burn out it's wise to take time-out to rest and restore completely. Restorative yoga works directly on the nervous system helping the parasympathetic branch ('rest or digest') to become active. When we relax deeply the body can begin to repair and heal itself. It can plan for our long term health and so benefits digestion, immunity, fertility and insomnia among others.

Being relaxed helps us to create strong connections to others and allows our creativity to flourish. Restorative Yoga enables us to enter a state of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’, so we can begin to live more consciously.


“I absolutely loved the session, the atmosphere you created was just perfect. I felt so nurtured and as though I was hibernating in a nest for a couple of hours!” - Grace

“I found your restorative yoga class blissful, it was amazing and I haven’t stopped talking about it. I didn’t know what to expect and it was pure relaxation. I thought that using lots of props might be a bit of a hassle but you were so helpful in setting us up it was no bother. Thank you for a wonderful two hours” – Michelle

"I tried Restorative Yoga with Damaris, from the Iyengar tradition, and has been one of the best thing I have done for my body and mind this year and I would recommend to anyone. We are always running with our stress and worries and 2 hours with Damaris were gentle, relaxing and meditative and so pleasant that I thought were like 10 minutes. Due to a back injury I cannot do very difficult asanas and Restorative yoga is the perfect solution. Also Damaris was so kind to correct each and everyone on every asana to make sure we were doing right. I can't wait for the next one" - Tony


Restorative Yoga Workshop (Full Price)
Restorative Yoga Workshop (Concessions: student, unwaged/low income, NHS, senior, etc)

The Studio SE6
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