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💜Bloom Sefton
💚Classes in Crosby, Formby, Southport and Ormskirk

🌈Our classes are packed full of back to back activities to encourage baby's physical, emotional, cognitive and social development so your little one is constantly learning throughout the class. We explain the research and science behind each activity we do so that you understand exactly why we do it and what the benefits are for you and your baby

🐛Caterpillar Club (6 weeks to 6 months)
A gentle baby development class. Let us awaken your baby's first senses and stimulate in a fun, yet soothing way, using music, sensory props, beautiful calming parachutes and sensory lights. Baby massage also plays a key role in this class as this is where we concentrate on baby and follow his or her cues. This is a lovely way to end the class leaving baby relaxed, dreamy and ready for a good sleep Zzzzzzz!

🐝Busy Bees (6 months to 15 months)
A fun, bright and upbeat musical baby development class encouraging fine & gross motor skills, language & communication and body awareness. Let baby catch a star underneath our famous rainbow parachute, explore the treasure baskets of heuristic play items, enjoy the sensory lights and vast amount of props at theme time!

🌈With a different theme for your baby to explore each week, no week is the same! All set to our unique Bloom musical soundtrack, designed to encourage early language and stimulate baby's musical and aural awareness

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From 8 May 2021
May, 2021
8 Sat 11:30am BST 💜🍎Bloom and Selena’s Suppers Weaning class
7 Mon 1 day Waiting list for June term
8 Tue Course: 7 dates Formby Bees June/July
Course: 7 dates Formby Caterpillars June/July
Course: 7 dates Formby Bees 2 June/July
9 Wed Course: 7 dates Southport Bees June/July
Course: 7 dates Southport Caterpillars June/July
10 Thu Course: 6 dates Ormskirk Bees June/July
Course: 6 dates Ormskirk Caterpillars June/July
11 Fri Course: 6 dates Crosby Bees Fri June/July
Course: 6 dates Crosby Caterpillars Fri June/July
Course: 6 dates Crosby Bees 2 Fri June/July
14 Mon Course: 6 dates Crosby Bees Mon June/July
Course: 7 dates Crosby Caterpillars Mon June/July
19 Sat 2:30pm BST Fathers Day special
3:45pm BST Fathers Day special
6 Mon 10am BST Waiting list for September 2021
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