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Better Together! Join Me @InnaFitness Venue & Online Workouts! Stay Fit, Stay Happy!

It is imperative under the circumstances that I have your mobile number to be able to communicate in advance of our online live sessions. A WhatApp group has been created for the future updates so please include your mobile number in the booking or email/text me at
If familiar with Facebook please request to join my private group InnaFitness Online Workouts. See you in class soon! x

From 23 Mar 2023
March, 2023
24 Fri 7am GMT PT Session 1-1
8:15am GMT PT Session 1-1
9:30am GMT PT Session 1-1
10:45am GMT PT Session 1-1
4:15pm GMT PT Session 1-1
5:30pm GMT PT Session 1-1
25 Sat 9:15am GMT Fitness Pilates - Zoom Live Stream (resistance bands)
10:30am GMT Zumba Fitness (Pre-recorded class)
27 Mon 9:30am BST Fitness Pilates - Monday, Gibson Craig Hall (Currie Kirk)
12pm BST PT Session 1-1
6:15pm BST Fitness Pilates - Millar Hall (Cameron Toll), Monday
6:15pm BST Fitness Pilates - Zoom Live Stream, Monday
7:15pm BST Zumba Fitness - Millar Hall (Cameron Toll), Monday
7:15pm BST Zumba Fitness - Zoom Live Stream, Monday
28 Tue 9:15am BST Fitness Pilates - Tuesday, Fairmilehead Church (Buckstone Hall)
6:30pm BST Zumba Fitness - Fairmilehead Church, Tuesday
29 Wed 6:30pm BST Fitness Pilates - Zoom (Live) Class, Wednesday
7:15pm BST PT Session 1-1
30 Thu 9:30am BST Fitness Pilates - Thursday, Fairmilehead Church (Buckstone Hall)
5pm BST PT Session 1-1
Times shown in timezone: London