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Move Well with Ellie Classes

Hey all, a big thank you for accessing my classes page. There are a few different classes, sessions and webinars up for grabs. A lot are a gift from me to you as a way of me helping give you some power back in a time where you might not feel like you have much power. My aim is to help empower you in the best way I know how. Understanding and taking steps into the way you move and how your body all links together Is a great way to gain your personal power back.

Have a good scan down of the list, see what takes your fancy and I look forward to seeing you all in the virtual class room very soon.

Lots of love
Ellie x

From 28 Feb 2024
February, 2024
29 Thu 8am GMT
6 Wed 8am GMT
5:30pm GMT
7 Thu 8am GMT
13 Wed 8am GMT
5:30pm GMT
14 Thu 8am GMT
20 Wed 5:30pm GMT
27 Wed 5:30pm GMT
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