Transition Stroud Repair Cafés and other repair events

This is where you can book into any of the Transition Stroud Repair Cafes. Simply scroll down the list below select a time and a repair type and check yourself in. It's really useful for us to have as much detail about what you want to repair as possible so in the section what do you want to repair it's good to include model numbers and descriptions if you can!

Please note that we don't do large white goods (fridges, freezers, etc), we can't do anything that runs on petrol and some things are unlikely to be fixed (flat screen TVs for one), but that still leaves an awful lot of things in the world we can help you fix and save from going into landfill!

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January, 2020
25 Sat 11am - 11:30am Popup Toy Hospital
11am - 11:30am Textile Repair
11:30am - 12pm Popup Toy Hospital
11:30am - 12pm Textile Repair
12pm - 12:30pm Popup Toy Hospital
12pm - 12:30pm Textile Repair
12:30pm - 1pm Popup Toy Hospital
12:30pm - 1pm Textile Repair
1pm - 1:30pm Popup Toy Hospital
1pm - 1:30pm Textile Repair
1:30pm - 2pm Popup Toy Hospital
1:30pm - 2pm Textile Repair
Times shown in timezone: London