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Women's Pelvic Health Yoga

Wednesday, 10 April '24   6:15pm – 7:45pm BST
Coach House Studios, Crown Yard, Wirksworth
 Women's Pelvic Health Yoga


Women's Pelvic Health Yoga
Wednesday 10th April 6.15-7.45pm at The Coach House Studios, Wirksworth

Born out of a place of necessity, I have developed a passion for Pelvic health in recent years, this half term I will be offering a Pelvic Health focused practice. If you have a Pelvis then this class is for you, if you have ever suffered from Pelvic pain, lower back pain, stress incontinence (pee when you laugh, sneeze or cough etc), Pelvic organ prolapse, birth trauma or anything else pelvic health related then you will have a chance to learn more about the power of your pelvis and address and concerns or areas for improvement!

What to expect? A Yoga sequence with postures to build your strength & support your pelvis, learn how to breathe optimally to support your pelvic health & find connection to your body, mind and soul...ending with delicious restorative postures to relax & wind down.

If you have any questions or are unsure if this is for you, then reach out and I would love to chat to you, I know this can feel a daunting area but having lived through and healed my own Pelvic health, I endeavour to hold a safe and supportive space for you to find your own way to healing too!


Wear whatever you feel comfortable to move in & socks/layers in the cooler months.
Please bring with you a Yoga mat & may also like to use Yoga blocks, a strap and a pillow/cushion.



Women's Pelvic Health Yoga

Available until Wed 10 Apr 7:45pm


Coach House Studios, Crown Yard, Wirksworth


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