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Exploring Meaning In Stories -There’s No Such Thing As A Dragon (online)

Thursday, 1 December '22   7pm – 9pm GMT
Karin's Zoom Storytelling room
16 years and over
Exploring Meaning In Stories -There’s No Such Thing As A Dragon (online)

This is an online event.

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When is the last time you were told a story?

Stories are not only fun to listen to, they can also guide us to reflect deeply on treasures and obstacles in our own minds and lives.

This is an interactive session for adults. Karin and Lee will tell the story: “There’s No Such Thing As A Dragon” for you to enjoy, and will afterwards facilitate mindful inquiry and discussion to enable participants to explore deeper levels of meaning revealed by the story. You can expect to be entertained and it’s likely you’ll discover timeless wisdom in the story with which you can develop your own insights. Stories and myths are intercultural, interpersonal AND carry individual meaning, all of which we will reflect upon as part of the event.

You are warmly invited to join Karin and Lee on Zoom, to journey to a different world in the comfort of your own home.


​Lee Stagles is a men’s group leader, male integration coach, certified embodied facilitator and storyteller.

Karin van Maanen teaches yoga and mindfulness and is a certified embodied facilitator with a background in community and performing arts.

Lee and Karin share a love of stories and storytelling which they increasingly use in their work to help people explore what it means to be human.

Level: All levels


This event is aimed at adults. Young people (we suggest 13 upwards) who are interested are welcome to join.



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Karin's Zoom Storytelling room