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Exploring Meaning in Stories: Fatherlessness (online)

Thursday, 25 April '24   7pm – 9pm BST
Storytelling Zoom Room
16 years and over
Exploring Meaning in Stories: Fatherlessness (online)

This is an online event.

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When is the last time you were told a story?

​Old stories are not only fun to listen to, they can also help us reflect deeply on treasures and obstacles in our own minds and lives.

​Inspired by master storytellers such as Martin Shaw, Clarissa Pinkola Estés and Robert Bly, Karin and Lee tell stories and through mindful inquiry and discussion help people explore deeper levels of consciousness.

Karin and Lee will tell you a version of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk you may not be famiiliar with. You might already know that Jack lived alone with his widowed mum but what do you know about his dad?

Like many of the old stories, this one contains much timeless wisdom which can be revealed to us through shared inquiry and reflection.

​This is interactive storytelling for adults. Expect to journey to a different world in the Zoom room through embodied storytelling ritual, and to be entertained and moved by what you hear. You will be invited to share and develop your own insights.

Stories and myths are intercultural, interpersonal AND carry individual meaning, all of which we will reflect on as part of the event, guided by the story.


​Lee Stagles is a men’s group leader, male integration coach, certified embodied facilitator and storyteller based in the North of England.

Karin van Maanen teaches yoga and mindfulness and is a certified embodied facilitator with a background in community and performing arts.

Level: All levels


For this session we encourage you to make yourself very comfortable.

We request you have your Zoom camera on for this event.



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Storytelling Zoom Room

Please make yourself comfortable for this session. There will be a comfort break halfway through.

Please note we request all paticipants to have their camera on (your internet connection permitting).