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Build a Robotic Racer Car [For Grades 6-12]

Friday, 1 May '20   1 day
25 spaces available


Vroom! Vroom! Build a robotic race car with our full-package Barnabas Racer project. With a project purchase, students will receive a full robotics kit, access to our 7 video tutorials plus live online office hours. Project participants will learn about electrical engineering, mechanical assembly, and text-based coding (C programming) through the building of a robot from the ground up. By the end of the project, participants will have an impressive race car robot that moves, senses, and thinks on its own. A PC, Mac, Chromebook is required for coding the robot. All participants must be comfortable typing on a computer keyboard. Recommended only for grades 6+.

We are accepting new students on a rolling basis after April 8, 2020. So sign up and start the project anytime after April 8th!

In addition to our video tutorials, we also offer online office hours for students working on this project to engage with one of our certified robotics teachers. Our teachers are also available via email at for technical support.


1) To sign up for this project, please add this to your cart and check out.

2) To pay - We accept "online" payments by credit card and "offline" payments from several homeschool charter school's funds (CA only). If you are paying with charter funds, please complete the registration process here and then submit your purchase order request to your school as soon as possible. Please email us once we've submitted your purchase order request.

2) Robotics Kit - Once we receive payment for the project purchase, we will ship your robotics kit to the mailing address you provided as part of your registration. Shipping & handling have already been included in the full cost of this project.

3) Video Tutorials - Once you have registered and paid, we will send you a welcome email with information on how to access our video tutorials. Our first video tutorial will be released on April 8, 2020, and each lesson will be released each week thereafter.

4) Online Office Hours (Live) - We will provide 7 consecutive office hours (once per week on Fridays from 3:00PM-3:30PM) starting on the subsequent week after you purchase the project. Office hours are a great time to connect with one of our instructors in real-time to ask questions and/or show off your progress from the week.



Barnabas Racer Project (7 Sessions)

25 available
Price includes access to video tutorials, office hours, robotics kits, sales tax, and shipping/handling.