Spirituality Matters - Spiritual Anemia by Dan Haworth

Thursday, 30 July '20   7pm - 8:30pm
The Brahma Kumaris Five Dock, 181 First Ave, Five Dock, NSW, 2046
40 spaces available

Available face to face & online @ www.facebook.com/bkaustralia

For man of us power has become a 'dirty word', something harmful. However when it is connected to spirituality, power becomes something beautiful and we come to realise it's one of the primary needs of every person. On a nutritional level, iron deficiency causes weakness in the whole body, in a similar way, power deficiency is like anemia of the soul.

Dan Haworth was a practicing lawyer and is now volunteering full-time at the Brahma Kumaris Centre in Five Dock. He has been teaching people about the practical benefits of using BK Raja Yoga meditation in daily life for the last 15 years.


The Brahma Kumaris Five Dock
181 First Ave
Five Dock