Spirituality Matters - Overcoming Anger by Falak

Thursday, 16 July '20   7pm - 8:30pm
The Brahma Kumaris Five Dock, 181 First Ave, Five Dock, NSW, 2046
24 spaces available

Available face to face & online @ www.facebook.com/bkaustralia

Anger is an expression of inner pain; an indication that all is not well in our world.It is one of the most powerful and destructive emotions but also has many subtle faces. Whether it seeps out in the form of irritation and resentment, or explodes into full rage, it disturbs our peace of mind, damages our health and spoils our relationships.

This talk will give you insights and tools to change the anger inside you and use your energy in more positive ways.

Falak from Delhi in India, has been a student and teacher of meditation for over 10 years. Her professional training is in the tourism industry.


The Brahma Kumaris Five Dock
181 First Ave
Five Dock