Spirituality Matters -The Aim of My 'Selfless Hero’s Journey' by Falak

Thursday, 11 February '21   7pm – 8:30pm AEDT
The Brahma Kumaris Five Dock, 181 First Ave, Five Dock, NSW, 2046
39 spaces available

Watch live at facebook.com/bkaustralia (No booking required for online viewing).

A hero can be anyone, anytime. The hero's journey is a great way of understanding our individual journey but what is our aim? Do I have an aim, or am I spinning endlessly, feeling lost and unsure? What do I, the soul, really want and how can I use my good or pure hearted intentions to add power to my journey?Come and explore this phenomenon of 'selfless hero’s journey' and how meditation can help me in achieving my journey's aim.

Falak who is based in the Brahma Kumaris retreat centre in the Blue Mountains, is originally from Delhi, India. She has been a student and teacher of meditation for over 10 years. Her professional training is in the tourism industry.


The Brahma Kumaris Five Dock
181 First Ave
Five Dock