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Monday, 24 April '23   9 weeks
Browne School of Art, 194 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, 1021
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Course Code: EP223
Tutor: Matthew Browne
When: Mon 6.00 - 9.00pm
Dates: 24 Apr - 26 Jun 2023
Duration: 9 weeks
Maximum Enrolment: 12

Cost: $460

Once you have had some basic experience of drawing and painting you will be ready to attend Painting - L2. This course will help to develop increased confidence with the visual language of paint.

During the course, you will be introduced to three assignments, each of three weeks duration. In most instances, each assignment will begin with drawing, using a variety of source material, before progressing towards painting.

Each of these assignments has been designed to develop a clearer appreciation of painting from both a traditional and a contemporary perspective and to provide the support and structure necessary for more sustained and meaningful creativity.

Both figurative (representational) and abstraction are given equal emphasis, as neither can be separated from the fundamental principles and components for successful painting.

NB: Please remember to bring materials from the course "materials list" online.


Materials list
A Painting Project - L3 Matthew Browne
For this class you should have already have a good idea of your preferred media and you need to come prepared to begin on the first day.
In the event that you need a reminder, here is a short general list that may be added to as time goes on as you become clearer of your working methodology.
A basic kit of materials to get you up and going is listed here.
Specialist art shops are the best option and will provide student discounts if you mention that you are attending the school.
The stores I recommend are:
• Studio Art Supplies - Crummer Road, Grey Lynn.
• The French Art Shop – Taylors Road, Morningside
• Gordon Harris - Gillies Avenue, Newmarket and Symonds Street, Auckland Central.
• Takapuna Art Supplies - Takapuna

• Pencils – B, 2B, 4B, 6B
• Willow Charcoal – Medium
• Compressed Charcoal – Medium
• Kneadable eraser (for charcoal), soft eraser (for pencils)
• Black Indian ink and a dip pen with a sketching nib (or bamboo pens)
• Paint: acrylics in a selection of colours: e.g. warm red (cadmium scarlet), warm yellow (cadmium yellow), warm blue (ultramarine), cool red (crimson), cool yellow
(lemon yellow), cool blue (pthalo, cobalt or cerulean), yellow ochre (oxide), raw umber, black, and white.
• Appropriate painting mediums: gel, gloss or matt mediums for acrylics. Odourless turpentine, linseed oil or liquin for oil paints.
• Brushes: flat small, medium, large sizes up to 4cm wide in either hog bristle or soft synthetic filament.

• Large house painting brush for priming.
• Palette knife or spatula.
• White water based ‘Gesso’ primer.
• White plastic palette and / or old plates for easy mixing.
• An assortment of tins or jars with lids (2 - 4).
• Bulldog clips.
• Craft knife and scissors, 60cm rule, pva, masking tape.
• Soft (000) steel wool and grit 220 sandpaper (with a sandpaper block if you have one).
• Rags or kitchen towels for cleanup
• Old shirt or apron
At Browne School of Art we also have a selection of basic materials available for purchase:
Paper in A1 / A2 Sheets Newsprint
Sugar Grey
Wet strength
Bulldog Clips Pencils Charcoal Erasers White Chalk Black ink
This list is a general guide only.
The majority (though not necessarily all) of these materials may be used as students progress.
Canvases, panels and boards can be prepared fairly easily and these need to be to your own preferred formats and sizes.
If you are using oil paints please come prepared for this with odourless turpentine and plenty of rags for cleaning up.



Standard Booking

Available until Mon 24 Apr '23 6pm
Online payment includes payment fee of 2.9% + NZ$0.30. Offline payment details on confirmation page.

Standard Booking + $10.00 BSA Student Fund - Donation

Available until Mon 24 Apr '23 6pm
A $10 donation will go to our BSA Student Fund - helping those who are unwaged or under financial hardship (with a Community Services Card) to attend our courses.


Browne School of Art
194 Great North Road
Grey Lynn