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Friday, 19 January '24   3 days
Browne School of Art, 194 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, 1021
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Course Code: SSGG24
Tutor: Richard Adams
When: Fri - Sun 9.30am - 3.30pm
Date: 19 - 21 Jan 2024
Duration: 3 days
Maximum Enrolment: 12
Levels: ALL

Cost: $340

Take your marks for the grand gesture! Open to all art-makers of all skill levels, this painting workshop will investigate many essential elements and processes that form a painting, including under-painting, mark-making, gesture and layering.
The more we understand the value of improvisation, the closer we get to attaining a sense of confidence in our work. This allows the artist to make a direct statement and to explore the relationship between intuition, impulse and deliberation.
Although a more abstracted approach is emphasised in this workshop, inspiration may be drawn from nature and the landscape, using light, colours, textures, shapes and forms seen and then transformed, into images of vitality and visual depth.


Materials list
Grand Gestures - with Richard Adams

A basic kit of materials to get you up and going is listed here. Specialist art shops are the best option and will provide student discounts if you mention that you are attending the school.
The stores we recommend are:
• Studio Art Supplies, Crummer Road, Grey Lynn
• The French Art Shop, Taylors Road, Morningside
• Gordon Harris, Gillies Avenue, Newmarket and Symonds Street, Auckland Central
• Takapuna Art Supplies, Takapuna

Materials required:
• preferred acrylic paints in a selection of colours
• preferred brushes in a selection of sizes, either hog hair or synthetic
• any commercial plastering trowels, scrapers knives you might have!
• 2-3 large house-painting brushes would be useful

At Browne School of Art, we also have a selection of basic materials available for purchase:
paper in A1 / A2 sheets: newsprint, cartridge, sugar grey, wet strength, bulldog clips, pencils, charcoal, erasers, white chalk, black ink

This list is a general guide only. The majority (though not necessarily all) of these materials may be used as
students progress.

Canvases, panels and boards can be prepared fairly easily and these need to be to your own preferred
formats and sizes.

If you are using oil paints please come prepared for this with odourless turpentine and plenty of
rags for cleaning up.



Standard Booking

Available until Fri 19 Jan 9:30am
Online payment includes payment fee of 2.9% + NZ$0.30. Offline payment details on confirmation page.

Standard Booking + $10.00 BSA Student Fund - Donation

Available until Fri 19 Jan 9:30am
A $10 donation will go to our BSA Student Fund - helping those who are unwaged or under financial hardship (with a Community Services Card) to attend our courses.


Browne School of Art
194 Great North Road
Grey Lynn