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Saturday, 22 July '23   2 days
Browne School of Art, 194 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, 1021
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Course Code: SCMM323
Tutor: Zoë Nash
When: Sat & Sun 10.00am - 4.00pm
Dates: 22 & 23 July 2023
Maximum Enrolment: 14

Cost: $215

Join multidisciplinary artist, Zoë Nash, for this mixed media weekend workshop that takes a slower, more reflective, mindful, and methodical approach to making your marks. Sitting firmly within the realms of contemporary drawing, we’ll explore the surrealist concept of automatism, persevere with repetition, delve into doodling, cut out with collage, and combine fabric, stitch and paper.

Students will discover how a subtle mixed media approach can add diversity and energy, and explore how re-purposing can both elevate and give new life to found materials, providing additional layers of context and meaning.

Working on small embroidery hoops, the class will also be shown how to create a sampler that features some rudimentary stitch techniques. These can later be incorporated into their work/s with the help of an awl.

Helping broaden your existing practice or prompting you to begin one, this workshop will reinvigorate your creativity producing some unexpected, exciting, and compelling results. Please plan ahead and use the Materials List provided. Suitable for all levels of experience.


Making Marks with Zoë Nash - materials list

A basic kit of materials to get you up and going is listed here. Specialist art shops are the best
option and will provide student discounts if you mention that you are attending the school.
Recommended stores are:
• Studio Art Supplies – Crummer Road, Grey Lynn.
• The French Art Shop – Taylors Road, Morningside
• Gordon Harris – Gillies Avenue, Newmarket and Symonds Street, Auckland Central
• Takapuna Art Supplies – Takapuna

  • A small selection of papers and fabrics to be used as source material for collage. (Please note that this can also include found/recycled papers such as old wallpapers, road maps, dress patterns, matte wrapping paper, old books and magazines, etc).
  • Good scissors.
  • Needles and a selection of different coloured threads.
  • Adhesive eg Golden heavy gel matte (thick, matte acrylic medium) RECOMMENDED, or modge podge, or PVA glue.
  • An old, smallish paintbrush that can be dedicated to glueing.
  • A range of drawing media (eg pencils in a few different weights, a biro, a Sharpie or ink writing pen/s, charcoal and/or graphite… variety is what we are aiming for).
  • PLENTY of good quality wet strength or water colour paper, 250+gsm (the DAS 300gsm watercolour pads are good, or the A3 Fabriano 300gsm mixed media pads).
  • Good quality drawing paper. (NB: paper can be also be purchased on site).


  • A scalpel.
  • A small cutting board.
  • Fixative.
  • Additional surfaces to work upon eg fabric or raw canvas, etc.
  • Paper/craft punches.
  • Lightweight small embellishments.
  • Acrylic paints in a few chosen colours.
  • A few paint brushes (include one or two round, tipped brushes, and at least one flat brush approximately 3-5cm wide).
  • A palette.
  • Coloured pencils/aquarelles.
  • Journal or notebook. Any other media you especially want to try (pref not oil paints).

This list is a general guide only.
At Browne School of Art, we also have a selection of basic materials available for purchase:
Paper in A1 - A2 sheets, newsprint, cartridge, sugar grey, wet strength, bulldog clips, pencils
charcoal, erasers, white chalk, black ink.



Standard Booking

Online payment includes payment fee of 2.9% + NZ$0.30. Offline payment details on confirmation page.

Standard Booking + $10.00 BSA Student Fund - Donation

A $10 donation will go to our BSA Student Fund - helping those who are unwaged or under financial hardship (with a Community Services Card) to attend our courses.


Browne School of Art
194 Great North Road
Grey Lynn