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Friday, 11 February '22   9 weeks
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Course Code: MCW122
Tutor: Krystie Wade
When: Fri 10.00am - 1.00pm
Dates: 11 Feb - 8 Apr 2022
Duration: 9 weeks
Maximum Enrolment: 12

Cost: $420

This is a class for anyone who wishes to explore the exciting potential of contemporary watercolour.

We will look at different artists who have used watercolours, build a visual data bank of various techniques and discuss the elements that make up a great work.

Technical applications and processes will be demonstrated so as to highlight the possibilities of this medium, and to achieve the expression you are looking for, or to inject new possibilities into your current practice.

The first part of each session will be spent sharing inspiration and ideas and exploring new methods of application. You will then have time to work on a painting with full concentration for the remainder of the session.

This is a supportive, explorative, fun class, where you have the space to work on your painting with like-minded people. The class is suitable for beginners, or for those with some basic painting experience, though not necessarily with watercolour.

NB: Please remember to bring materials from the course "materials list" online.


Materials list
Contemporary Watercolour - with Krystie Wade
A basic kit of materials to get you up and going is listed here. Specialist art shops are the best option and will provide student discounts if you mention that you are attending the school.
The stores we recommend are:
• Studio Art Supplies: Crummer Road, Grey Lynn.
• The French Art Shop: Taylors Road, Morningside (beside Briscoes)
• Gordon Harris: Gillies Avenue, Newmarket and Symonds Street, Auckland Central
• Takapuna Art Supplies: Takapuna
Materials to bring:
• Watercolour block - 300gsm (you choose the size from: A5, A4, A3)
• Watercolour pad/or block- postcard size or A5 - for experiments
• Flat butter / pallet knife – so as to separate each page from the watercolour block as you go
• Water colour brushes of your choice – at least 3 different brushes
Recommended: a round, and a flat watercolour brush (synthetic or real hair ok)
Krystie will bring in some brushes to demonstrate the different varieties available
• An ice cream container for washing brushes or a bowl of some sort
• Painter’s tape - delicate (purple coloured tape)
• A rag - to dry brushes between changing colours
• Paper towels
• Watercolours of your choice - Krystie recommends to bring a set with a range of colours from
tubes or blocks (pans). If you are not sure- bring what you have, and by the end of the first lesson you will know what you would like to work with. The 3 primary colours are a good place to start. Both tube colours and pans are good – it comes down to personal preference
• Inspiration - bring some photocopy’s or photo’s you are inspired by to kick-start your 9-week project
This list is a general guide only. The majority (not necessarily all) of these materials may be used as students progress.



Standard Booking

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Standard Booking + $10.00 BSA Student Fund - Donation

A $10 donation will go to our BSA Student Fund - helping those who are unwaged or under financial hardship (with a Community Services Card) to attend our courses.

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