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Monday, 27 May '24   5 weeks
Browne School of Art, 194 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, 1021
cancelled - new course in Term 3


Course Code: MLLP224
Tutor: Zarahn Southon
When: Mon 9.30am - 12.30pm
Dates: 27 May - 1 Jul 2024
Duration: 5 weeks
Maximum Enrolment: 12 

  • no class 3 June - Kings B/day

Cost: $350
Immerse yourself in the realm of oil painting with this intensive 5 week course. The course is centred around the human figure, with a profound focus on capturing the intricate dance of light.

​Under the guidance of your tutor, you will venture into the delicate interplay between light and shadow. You'll learn timeless techniques that will enable you to illuminate your figures in a way that not only captures their physicality but also evoke an emotional resonance through keen observation.

The course places a strong emphasis on developing an awareness of correct proportions, of tonal & colour relationships, and a heightened appreciation of the interconnection between figure and ground. These elements are fundamental in achieving a harmonious and compelling composition.

Please see materials list attached.


Materials List
A basic kit of materials to get you up and going is listed here. Specialist art shops are the best
option and will provide student discounts if you mention that you are attending the school.
Recommended stores are:
• Studio Art Supplies – Crummer Road, Grey Lynn.
• The French Art Shop – Taylors Road, Morningside
• Gordon Harris – Gillies Avenue, Newmarket and Symonds Street, Auckland Central
• Takapuna Art Supplies – Helensvill or online
• Warehouse Stationery – has Winton oil paint

Students will do a painting per session so a minimum of 6 painting surfaces will be required. You have the option of painting small 120 x 100mm upward to maximum 420 x 594 mm (A2).
Option1: several small/medium sized linen/canvas stretched or board
Option 2: 1 x canvas pad A3 or A2
Option 3: canvas off-cuts for painting sketches

Materials required:
• 1x small hardboard to tape canvas off-cuts
• 1x masking tape
• 2x 2B pencils
• 3x sticks of medium to hard willow charcoal
• 1x piece of sandpaper used for sharpening the charcoal
• 1x kneadable eraser
• 1x large flat palette (no plates please)
• 1x odourless turpentine
• 2x screw cap jars
• 1x Mahl stick (optional)
• 1x oil medium*
• 1x masking tape
• 1x roll paper towels
• 1x plastic bag for tissues and rubbish
• 1x palette knife
• 1x plumb line or knitting needle for measuring (optional)

  • I use a medium of Schminke Stand oil, dammar varnish, and turpentine. If you prefer you can mix up your own before class or purchase pre-mixed medium.

Oil Paint
You have the option of either using a small range of colours that will enable you to explore the tonal range of your subject while the large palette will give you a greater range of hue, value and chroma. I use a mixture of Old Holland, Schminke, Rembrandt and Winsor and Newton.

Zorn Palette (optional)
• Titanium White
• Yellow Ochre
• Cadmium light / Vermillion Red
• Ivory Black

Medium - Large Palette (optional)
• Titanium White or Zinc White • Brilliant Yellow
• Naples Yellow Red
• Yellow Ochre
• Vermillion
• Violet Grey
• Ultramarine Blue
• Burnt Sienna
• Burnt Umber
• Raw Umber
• Ivory Black

Brushes – no shaggy brushes! Studio Arts Supplies have a wide range of brushes in stock, depending on your canvas size you should use brushes relative to the size of your canvas. I usually use a minimum of 2 or 3 particular sized brushes at one sitting. I designate one for my darks, one for lights, or varying hues, and occasionally one clean brush used to softly merge brush strokes.

• Round Junior Synthetic Series 303 Da Vinci range (cheap good brushes). Sizes no. 3 to 10 are fine for small portraits
• 2x large filberts either bristle or synthetic for the background (optional). Da Vinci 1875 NOVA Brushes – filbert. 2x size 10 and 2x size 4

At Browne School of Art, we also have a selection of basic materials available for purchase:
Paper in A1 - A2 sheets, newsprint, cartridge, sugar grey, wet strength, bulldog clips, pencils
charcoal, erasers, white chalk, black ink

This list is a general guide only. The majority (though not necessarily all) of these materials
may be used as students progress. Canvases, panels and boards can be prepared fairly easily and
these need to be to your own preferred formats and sizes. If you are using oil paints please come
prepared for this with odourless turpentine and plenty of rags for cleaning up.



Standard Booking

Online payment includes payment fee of 2.9% + NZ$0.30. Offline payment details on confirmation page.

Standard Booking + $10.00 BSA Student Fund - Donation

A $10 donation will go to our BSA Student Fund - helping those who are unwaged or under financial hardship (with a Community Services Card) to attend our courses.


Browne School of Art
194 Great North Road
Grey Lynn