Your Best Year Yet!

Saturday, 13 January '18   10am - 4:30pm
4 spaces available


Make 2018 your best year, and your best you, yet!

This inspiring and interactive workshop helps you to create clarity and focus for what it is that you really want for yourself and your year ahead. We then get the wheels in motion by setting goals and action plans so that you have solid steps in place to help you stay confident and committed in achieving that.

You may have set goals for yourself in the past, but something has taken you off track. Maybe you've found yourself focusing on other people or other things and your priorities for yourself take a back seat. During this day we'll reflect back so that you can learn from these times and use that knowledge to stay grounded in your dreams and plans for yourself regardless of life's challenges.

Maybe, like me, you regularly set goals for yourself and this provides the perfect opportunity for you to set quality time aside and benefit from a facilitated structured day.

The whole day will be a fun and supportive space to spend with like minded individuals. It will include group discussion and activities, individual reflective time, visualisation and introspective exercises. Weather dependent we will use the beautiful surroundings to take a short stroll in nature to inspire us in our goal setting. There will be some gentle stretching throughout the day to create space in our body which in turn will help us create space in our thinking.

Refreshments and snacks will be available. Lunch is not but you can bring your own or enjoy some of the food available in the restoration yard's cafe.


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4 available