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Full Moon in Leo Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork & Sound Journey

Wednesday, 24 January '24   6:30pm – 8:30pm AEDT
Hugh Bamford Reserve, Military Road, North Bondi, NSW, 2026
8 spaces available
Full Moon in Leo Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork & Sound Journey


I am excited to have the amazing Marco Tesi joining me for my first event of 2024, harnessing the Full Moon energy in Leo for our Shamanic Cacao, Breathwork & Sound Journey on Wednesday, 24th January.

Come together in circle to connect, get clear on your full moon intentions and what you're letting go of as we continue to release and step more courageously into a renewed version of ourselves.

Leo likes the spotlight and feels safe in moments when you can impress others and get praise and admiration. However, this moon is highlighting our fear of criticism and your inability to accept criticism. Can we open up to accept feedback and use it for improvement.

We can use the full moon to show us the enhanced self-awareness and knowledge that comes from experiencing ourselves as we dance through these different signs over this year. How has our understanding of ourselves changed since the last time the Moon was full in this sign?

Each full Moon has the potential to draw you more and more into awareness and an understanding of self. The question isn’t so much what is the Moon doing to you, but what has it been teaching you?

Experience a shamanic cacao ceremony to drop in to our hearts and into clarity around our intentions.

Connect to our guardians and gatekeepers of the directions, our mountain spirits, the elements and animal spirit guides for support.

We will then journey with our breath to drop deeper and reset our nervous system and let go of anything holding us back from being our true authentic selves. Connecting deep within to a deeper knowing of who we are.

Rebirthing breathwork, the 'yin' of breathwork, a connected conscious breath that awakens our energy body and helps to unlock the breathing mechanism.

This breathwork can help us to:

*regulate our nervous systems
*create safety in our bodies so we can release old patterning & limiting beliefs
*shift old trauma, pain & stagnant energy held in our physical bodies
*drop into deeper beta and theta states
*feel more connected to our light & essence
*gain clarity on who we are, our purpose and goals
*access our subconscious and embodied knowing

Integration will be with a nourishing, yet powerful sound bath, with the amazing Marco Tesi, using native flutes, rattles, chimes, drums, didgeridoo and singing bowls to take us on a deeper journey.

Sound healing is a powerful vibrational medicine to activate and shift our internal world and heal unresolved cellular inter generational memories connecting back to our innate wisdom.

What you’ll receive:

  • Ceremonial cleansing from Love Alkemy
  • Shamanic Cacao ceremony/ elemental meditation connecting to the directions
  • Full moon highlights, intentions & oracle card readings
  • Rebirthing breathwork journey with Chrissie to reset your nervous system to feel safe to release
  • Sound healing by Marco Tesi, using native flutes, rattles, chimes, drums, didgeridoo and singing bowls to take us on a deeper journey
  • Time to connect & integrate with grounding intentional Evolva tea & snacks

More about Chrissie:

Chrissie is Rebirthing breathwork facilitator. Loving the power of Rebirthing breathwork, Chrissie offers 1:1 & group journeys to take people deeper & reset their nervous systems to feel safe & connected to release old limiting beliefs and trauma holding us back from our true essence & shining brightly!

Chrissie is also a yoga, meditation & pranayama teacher, naturopath and Bodytalk, reiki & chakra energy healer, offering a holistic approach to healing.

Chrissie loves holding a safe space for her students to feel supported on their journey and to be able to be vulnerable and drop deeper to connect back to themselves and their light. Her warmth and empathy creates a powerful healing presence.

Chrissie was part of a powerful 3 month portal of a shamanic ceremonial facilitator training last year and loves to bring more of these learnings to work with the seen and the unseen to create an even more safe container for these powerful journeys together.

Marco Tesi
Marco Tesi is a facilitator of healing by helping people to integrate physical sensations and symptoms, emotions and feelings, repressed memories and repeated unconscious patterns in the wholeness of their being.

Marco is a certified sound healer and the use of Ancient Sounds and voice is central to the service that he offers during one on one treatments as well as healing circles.

Nowadays Marco offers sensorial experiences as a work of healing that involves the conscious use of breath, touch, massage, aromas and ancient healing sound frequencies for treating repressed traumatic memories and post traumatic stress disorders in a multidisciplinary approach that merge neuroscience with ancient spiritual practices.


Q. It's my first time, is it ok for me to come?

Yes all are welcome. Everyone's journey will be different and it's normal to feel physical, emotional and mental sensations. I will guide you through what to expect before we start our journey together and you will have a chance to ask any questions.

Q. I am pregnant, is this suitable for me?

I would recommend not coming if you're within the first trimester/ 12 weeks.

Q. What are the contraindications:

First trimester pregnancy
History of seizures
Heart issues/ high blood pressure
Recent surgery recovery

Q. Can I eat before?
Breathwork is best done on an empty stomach so try to eat a big late lunch if possible so you are not full. Ideally don't eat anything too big 1-2 hours beforehand. There will be snacks at the end to ground.

Q. Is there parking?
You can park around Military Road and Wentworth St and the back streets if busy, so allow enough time for parking

Q. Where is the hall?
It is at the top of the hill off Military Rd on Wentworth St at the bottom (there is a ramp too but it closes at 9pm)


Bring a yoga mat, water bottle, layers, blanket, maybe even a pillow for under knees and a keep cup if you have one for tea & cacao.

Try not to eat too heavy 1-2 hours prior to the event.

You can park on Wentworth St or on Military Rd and walk up stairs to the hall at the top.


8 available


Hugh Bamford Reserve
Military Road
North Bondi


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