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Creating glaze - An Introduction to chemistry and testing with Elena Gileva, Mondays 2pm-6pm: 24th, 31st July, & 7th August. Follow up session 2pm - 3pm: 14th August.

Monday, 24 July '23   2pm – 6pm BST
The Kiln Rooms Arches, Railway Arch 198 Bellenden Road (Rear of 85 Bellenden Rd), London, SE15 4QJ
18 years and over
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Course schedule: Mondays 2pm-6pm, held on: 24th, 31st July, & 7th August 2023. Follow up session 14th August 2pm-3pm.

Glaze is an integral part of ceramics but we often overlook it in favour of clay making processes. While there are a range of commercial glazes available on the market, being able to alter or make from scratch, bespoke glazes, will allow you the freedom to produce what you need and not be limited by what you can get. Like a good tailor, potters with good glaze knowledge can dress the clay body in the most complimentary covering, unifying the form and the surface. Understanding glaze can also help reduce or eliminate technical problems, solve food safety questions, offer confidence and open up a new avenue of exploration within ceramics.

This course will introduce participants to what glaze is, what materials do, how it can be developed and altered, and how it is influenced by the firing process. It is a result-oriented, applied workshop that will equip students with tools to start their own glaze research and development. Students will gain theoretical knowledge of the make-up of glazes, related chemical and physical qualities of their components, how to alter them and how to assess relevant processes in the kiln.

The course will move on to practical elements, making a range of base glazes and altering their texture and colour. The students will learn to work with a glaze recipe, to do line blends and to keep adequate records. Every participant will take away multiple glaze recipes and test tiles. The last week will be a shorter reviewing session where students can discuss the results with their teacher and each other.

Note that this workshop will not cover in detail techniques of glaze application or decorative use.

Your teacher: Having graduated from the RCA with a masters in ceramics Elena Gileva has gone on to teach at Morley College, The Kiln Rooms and is a talented and successful ceramicist. Her work explores the decorative, historical and ornamental through the medium of ceramic, sculpture and installation. And is focused on various historical and personal narratives, references and processes, with hand-built ceramic objects taking centre stage in her practice.
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Your course will take place at our Bellenden Road studio. Here's how you find it:

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The Kiln Rooms Arches
Railway Arch 198 Bellenden Road (Rear of 85 Bellenden Rd)
SE15 4QJ

The studio is only 300 meters from Peckham Rye station. As well as the Overground it’s only 11 mins from London Bridge or 12 mins from Victoria by train. There are also plenty of bus routes: 12, 37, 63, 78, 197, 343, 363, N63, N343, P12 and P13.