10 Class Pass
£50.00Klippekort til 10 klasser.
  • Til brug ved begivenheder, der finder sted indenfor de næste 124 dage.
Klippekort kan bruges til:
  • Flow Yoga - Monday 7pm (re-stream 48 hours)
  • Flow Yoga - Monday 9.30am (re-stream 48 hours)
  • Flow Yoga - Wed 6pm (re-stream 48 hours)
  • Stretch, relax, restore - Tues 6pm (48 re-stream access)
  • Stretch, relax, restore - Friday 9.30am (re-stream all weekend)
  • Wake up and Flow Yoga - Monday 7am - re-stream class
  • online class stream (anytime purchase of past session)
You need to purchase a drop in ticket/s which will be redeemed against the class pass purchase
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