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Zumba & DanceFIIT With Jennifer Emery

Hi I'm Jennifer Emery,

I want you to feel amazing. I want you to get that spring back in your step. To look forward to something every single week that will lift your mood, have you feeling energised and happy whilst giving you a workout to fuel your soul. Sounds deep doesn't it. But life has a way of throwing hurdles and obstacles in our way that will leave us feeling so many emotions including sadness, loneliness, guilt, not feeling worth it. I want to help you get over those hurdles with my workouts. How will my workouts help, you may ask? Well, I want my classes to be safe and fun places to build your confidence, to get fitter both mentally and physically, to meet new people and to have fun at the same time. I want you to help you get your confidence back, feel incredible in your own skin and become unstoppable through my Zumba and DanceFIIT dance fitness based classes.

I love showing my participants how fabulous they can feel by exercising regularly and especially incorporating it with dance fitness. I want you to feel incredible, happier and healthier and live your life to the full. And to do that you need to put YOU first and your own health. These classes are one of the cogs in your health toolkit to get you to that place.

Let me help you find a fantastic form of exercise that works for you. If you're struggling for motivation to exercise and you always have to drag yourself to the gym or a run, then try something new with me! My Zumba and DanceFIIT dance fitness classes are super fun and will make your workout feel like a party rather than a chore. Even if you feel you have two left feet, don't worry, the secret is to not overthink things - just keep moving. Start by joining me at one of my classes and let the groove take over!

I can't wait to meet you!
All my love !
Jen x
Suitable for ages 12 and above

From 20 Jul 2024
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