Deer Butchering

Samstag, 25 November '17   13:00 - 16:30
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Instructors: Vince & Dawn Hundt

This class is your opportunity to become a part of the hallowed Wisconsin tradition of deer hunting and to learn how to take advantage of an abundant local source of all-natural meat. Local hunters will harvest a number of healthy deer for the class and students will learn how to skin and de-bone the animal, as well as how to identify, process, and preserve steaks, stew meat, and meat for grinding.

Date: 11/25/2017
Registration Deadline: 11/20/2017
Time: 1pm - 4:30pm
Class Fee: $45
Location: Coon Valley, WI

Course details and location directions will be emailed to you 1 week before the course. Please provide accurate contact information to ensure that you receive these details.


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