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Gift Vouchers

Mittwoch, 1 Dezember '32   365 Tage
Paradise Yoga, Overlooking Paradise Beach, Avalon Beach, NSW, 2107


Yay! All your gift-buying woes are solved because now you can quickly and easily buy a gift voucher for Paradise Yoga!

Please note:

  • Enter your own email address - the voucher will come to you, so you can pass on when appropriate. This avoids any risk of me emailing the person and spoiling the surprise!
  • When buying a voucher, you are NOT making a booking for a class or event. The voucher will have instructions for the recipient of how to book themselves in.
  • Once you have purchased the voucher, give me a day or so to put it together and email it to you. If you need it faster than that, email me on hello@paradiseyoga.com.au and let me know.
  • Vouchers can only be used for the category for which they are purchased. Eg, you cannot use a Zen Session voucher for classes; it can only be used for a Zen Session.
  • Vouchers must be redeemed within 1 year of the date of purchase. Expiry date will be shown on the voucher.


Gift Voucher: Single Class
Allows your loved one to book a single class at a time of their choosing,
Gift Voucher: Zen Session
Allows your loved one to book themselves into the Zen Session of their choice.
Gift Voucher: Deep Yin
Allows your loved one to book themselves into the Deep Yin session of their choice.
Gift Voucher: One-Day Retreat
Allows your loved one to book themselves into an upcoming One-Day Yoga Retreat. There are usually between four and six One-Day Retreats per year, so they can choose the date that suits them best.
Gift Voucher: Ten-Pass
Allows your loved one to buy a ten-pass (ten-passes never expire, so there's no rush for them to use it up).


Paradise Yoga
Overlooking Paradise Beach
Avalon Beach

Full address will be provided upon booking. Street parking is available; please be mindful of the neighbours. Avoid parking alongside the double white lines - you'll get a ticket.


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