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Springwell Village Community Venue - CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE

Hi everyone and welcome to our bookings page.

Any questions please contact us on 0191 4162630 or send a message via our Facebook page

*Please note any bookings cancelled within 18hours of the start time, we reserve the right to charge.

NO REFUNDS will be given, a minimum of 18 hours notice must be given to transfer to a different date.

Any transfers are done via the booking system and is the bookers responsibility to do so.

Ab 25 Jun 2022
Juni, 2022
25 Sa 19:30 BST 1940s DANCE
28 Di 16:00 BST Mini Monkeys
1 Fr 16:00 BST Junior Youth
5 Di 18:00 BST Curtain Call
8 Fr 13:00 BST Messy Monsters
16:00 BST Junior Youth
12 Di 16:00 BST Mini Monkeys
18:00 BST Curtain Call
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