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Group Dragon Release

Wednesday, 15 December '21   7pm – 7:40pm GMT
Wherever you are in the world
9 spaces available
Group Dragon Release


To those curious we are moving to Dragon Release in 2020 rather than the Dagon Bubble. The Release goes deeper and can help with the upper most issues in your energy system that you may be experiencing, so slightly more “work” gets done or highlighted in this space. Please be aware the first one went pretty deep for those taking part.

You are held in a safe protected space and whatever you are needing at the time will be brought forwards.

Please get in touch for more details if required.


All you need to do is get comfortable just before the 7pm start (or later if you prefer) state out loud or internally that you connect to the energy being held by Cheryl or Dragon Ascension Therapies.

It lasts approx 40 min and you may feel the energy lift as it completes. 

I email out my findings the following day to give those connecting in at a later date time to do so.


Group Dragon Release
9 available until Wed 15 Dec '21 6:45pm


Wherever you are in the world