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(Massachusetts - USA) Upper Body in Motion - Module 2 with Rocky Snyder

Sunday, 22 January '23   2 days
Breathe Studio, 184 Lincoln St. Suite A, Hingham MA 02043
22 spaces available
(Massachusetts - USA) Upper Body in Motion - Module 2 with Rocky Snyder


This TWO day course is our second module of Four that make up Anatomy in Motion’s "Flow Motion Model" Course.

You do not need to have taken Module 1 to take this course, but you do need to do both Modules 1 & 2 before being able to do Module 3 “The Flow Motion Model”.

The intention of the Upper Body in Motion course is to analyse the three dimensional movement potential of the main structures of the Upper Body, these are the pelvis, ribcage and skull, the movements of which integrate the movement potential of the spine. These structures come together to form 8 distinct body shapes, the only shapes which can be made in the body if all of the respective joints are moving equally and efficiently.

This course will cover:

  • The 3D biomechanics of each structure.
  • An overlay of some muscles to visualise their role in movement
  • Assessment of the pelvis, ribcage, skull and spine
  • Interpretation of the eight body shapes
  • A thought process to begin using the eight body shapes to restore lost movement discovered through your assessments
  • Shoulders, scapulae, elbows and wrists

Towards the end of the course we can add the eight body shapes to the two leg shapes we looked at in Module 1 and observe everything from a full body perspective.


Each day class will run from 09:00 - 16:00

There will be a 1 hour lunch break.

Over the 2 days you will be moving and being assessed, so please come in clothes that are suitable for outcomes.

Also please remember your pen, paper, fuel etc.



AiM - Biomechanics of the Upper Body in Motion

22 available
This is a 2 day live workshop


Breathe Studio
184 Lincoln St.
Suite A
Hingham MA 02043