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Saltwick Bay - In the Footprints of Dinosaurs - With The Rock Showman

Saturday, 29 October '22   11am – 2pm BST
Natural Wonders ltd, 20 Grape Lane, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO22 4BA
6 years and over
Only 2 spaces left


This is a 3 hour tour starting from our retail shop "Natural Wonders" in the heart of the picturesque seaside town of Whitby, North Yorkshire.

The tour leaves from the shop at the advertised start time so please come about 15 minutes before.

The trip departs through the cobbled streets of Whitby and ascends the "199 Steps" to the Glorious Ruins of Whitby Abbey.

From here we travel south along the cliff top path, which forms part of the Cleveland Way costal path.

We travel to the next bay which is called Saltwick Bay where there is a caravan park where drinks and toilets can be used before descending to the Beach down a well worked footpath.

Once we reach the beach there is a short presentation explaining the safety side of fossil collecting and showing you the different fossils that we may find during our hunt.

Once you are primed with this knowledge it is time to start looking through the pebbles on the beach and see what we can find. Our tour guide is on hand to identify your finds and if your pebble needs splitting open to reveal the fossil inside.

After a good hunt for fossils we travel back towards Whitby along the rocky platform taking in different geological features along the way.

Our first port of call at the edge of the sands is fallen block of sandstone that yields the remains of Dinosaur footprints made by a herbivorous dinosaur called Stegosaurus. Our tour guide shows you and explains why the footprints are there. Further along the beach again and we see yet another dinosaur footprint this time a Theropod or Meat Eating Dinosaur footprint.

We then make our way back to Whitby where our tour guide shows you an Ammonite Graveyard and shows you how to hunt for Whitby Jet before ending the tour at the harbour wall back in Whitby.

A fascinating tour that is bound to please all ages groups.

SUITABILITY RATING - Ideal for families, beginners, and amateurs. Not suitable for children under 6 years old or for adults with mobility issues.

START LOCATION - Outside "Natural Wonders" Fossil Shop, Grape Lane, Whitby, YO22 4BA

Level: Beginner, Intermediate


Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time.
This trip leaves from our retail shop in whitby "natural wonders"
Please wear suitable footwear (ideally welly boots) and clothing.



Adult Ticket

One Adult Ticket
£20.00 + VAT

Child Ticket

£10.00 + VAT


Natural Wonders ltd
20 Grape Lane
North Yorkshire
YO22 4BA