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Frank Move - Holistic Dance Sessions

Wednesday, 15 June '22   7pm – 9pm BST
Croydon Sports Arena Club, Albert Road, South Norwood, SE25 4QL
Frank Move - Holistic Dance Sessions


Your new regular self-care practice. Fun, free style, unchoreographed dance sessions for all ages, all body types and all levels that support your wellbeing. It's all about the energy because good vibes lead to good life. Raise your personal vibration by dancing in the most authentic and liberating way.

We bring our full awareness to the body and dance mindfully. We don't talk so that we stay fully present in the movement and make space for magic. We refocus inwards and allow our truly authentic dance to come out following the musical journey as it happens in the moment.

We dance with no distractions - no phones, no shoes, no booze, just pure energy boost. Time to be frank and make a move from the heart!


  • Come with an open heart and respect that we are co-creating a sacred space for conscious connection in trust. Phones, alcohol & all intoxicants free event.

  • Arrive a bit earlier so that you have time to change and get comfortable.

  • Dress as you feel but easy and loose activewear in layers is highly recommended. You're going to sweat.

  • We use no plastic so bring your own water bottle to keep hydrated.


Available until Wed 15 Jun 9pm
Empowerment by Movement


Croydon Sports Arena Club
Albert Road
South Norwood
SE25 4QL


  • Toilets
  • Parking