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Renewal on Roanoke Island OBX Retreat

Thursday, 21 March '24   5 days
Bostwicks Magnolia Manor, 955 The Lane, Wanchese NC 27981-9559
15 spaces available
Renewal on Roanoke Island OBX Retreat


Step into a World of Zen and Rejuvenation:
Join Us at the Renewal on Roanoke Island OBX Retreat!" The perfect opportunity isunfolding for you at the Magnolia Manor, nestled on the shores of the tranquil sound in the heart of OBX! Introducing the Magnolia Tranquility Retreat—a getaway beyond the ordinary. This experience is all about immersing yourself in nature, embracing yoga sessions, indulging in soothing massages, participating in enlightening workshops, and tapping into the rejuvenating energy of Reiki. Envision a serene haven where the gentle whispers of the sound harmonize with the symphony of nature, including the delightful songs of birds and the bloom of magnolias.
Why "The Magnolia Manor"?

We're weaving a touch of Native American spirit into our retreat. The magnolia, in Native American symbolism, embodies endurance, beauty, and the eternal connection between earth and sky. Beyond being a flower, it symbolizes balance—precisely what we aim to achieve for your mind, body, and spirit.

The Vibes: Coastal Harmony & Zen at Magnolia Manor

Ever dreamt of practicing yoga with the sound's gentle breeze caressing your skin? Now's your moment. Our retreat, nestled on the shores of the sound in the Outer Banks, invites you to experience "Coastal Harmony." Picture morning sun salutations accompanied by the tranquil sounds of nature—birds singing, leaves rustling, and magnolias blooming. Magnolia Manor transforms into a sanctuary of peace—a Zen haven where you can disconnect to reconnect.

Reiki, Workshops, and Connection

But wait, there's more. Our retreat is seasoned with a dash of Reiki magic because what's a wellness escape without energy healing? Envision yourself in our workshops—a fusion of Native American wisdom and modern wellness hacks. It's more than relaxation; it's about forging connections—with yourself, nature, and fellow retreaters. If you've been yearning for a break off the beaten path, join us at the Renewal on Roanoke Island OBX Retreat. Let's dive into nature, roll out our yoga mats, and let the Native American spirit lead us to a weekend of rejuvenation, balance, and good vibes.

See you by the shores of the sound! 🌿🌸


Located at the Magnolia Manor in Wanchese, NC



Renewal on Roanoke Island OBX Retreat (2023 bonus price

10 available until Mon 1 Jan 12am
5 days of tranquil coastal renewal

Renewal on Roanoke Island OBX Retreat

10 available
5 days of tranquil coastal renewal


Bostwicks Magnolia Manor
955 The Lane
Wanchese NC 27981-9559