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Wednesday Webinar - Rewards

Wednesday, 31 January '24   7:30pm – 8:30pm GMT
Zoom - Online
29 spaces available

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Our first Wednesday Webinar is on January 31st at 7.30 pm. We'll be delving into the intriguing and sometimes confusing world of dog rewards — why the reward has been termed 'the root of all evil', how rewards are crucial for training, the pros and cons of food versus toys, is your dogs reward rewarding enough, and more.

Choosing the right reward for your Search and Rescue (SAR) sports dog is a critical aspect of their training and performance. Here's why the reward you select holds immense significance:

  • Motivation and Engagement

  • Positive Reinforcement

  • Building a Strong Bond:

  • Tailoring to Individual Preferences:

  • Maintaining Focus in Challenging Environments:

  • Variety for Engagement:

  • Adaptability in Different Environments:

In SAR sports, where the collaboration between handler and dog is crucial, the reward becomes a language of appreciation and encouragement. It's a key tool in fostering a positive, cooperative, and successful partnership between you and your SAR dog.



Wednesday Webinar Zoom

29 available

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Zoom - Online