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Kundalini Yoga Breathwork

Sunday, 19 May '24   5pm – 6pm BST
Yoga Blend, 46 Mutley Plain, Mutley, Plymouth, PL4 6LE
11 spaces available
Kundalini Yoga Breathwork


Join me for a relaxing time to release stress and balance your mind, body and spirit before the new week starts. We will explore different breath techniques, mantras and meditations from kundalini yoga.

A person who can breathe one breath a minute can multiply life fifteen times—no matter what your disease or state of affairs is.”
-Yogi Bhajan 1/18/95

We will explain the importance of long deep breathing and how to breathe effectively.
By breathing properly we are breathing in Prana – life force energy, oxygenating the body.

Long deep breathing regulates the nervous system, by chanting the mantras we are stimulating meridians in our mouth, we are using the essence of all sound – Naad chanted in ancient language Gurmukhi, altering the chemistry of the brain, balancing and harmonising the brain and body systems.

When we become aware of our breath we become present in our life, allowing the body to feel and release what is no longer needed.


Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a cushion or a blanket and a bottle of water with you.

Do not eat a couple hours before a workshop.



Kundalini Yoga

11 available


Yoga Blend
46 Mutley Plain


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