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Illuminating Careers with STEM Ambassadors

csütörtök, 15 április '21   17:45 – 18:45 BST
40 hely elérhető


Enhancing Gatsby Benchmark 5
STEM Ambassadors can help provide encounters with employers and employees as outlined under Benchmark 5 by providing presentations, workshops and hands-on activities related to work, employment and the skills used in the workplace. But how do you find one?

Come along to this session to find out what our STEM Ambassadors can do, how to request one and how to utilise them effectively to help contribute to your school’s careers plan and to enhance curriculum learning. Encounters with STEM ambassadors have been proven to increase engagement and understanding of STEM subjects as well as raise aspirations and knowledge of careers, so this opportunity is not to be missed!


CPD and Teacher Lounge
40 elérhető
For secondary school teachers, technicians, NQT's or careers leaders to attend the CPD session with access to our teacher lounge (6.30-6.45pm)