Yoga Nidra

hétfő, 4 március '19   20:15 - 21:15
Daventry Methodist Church
7 hely elérhető

Yoga nidra is a gentle form of yoga and is suitable for anyone to practise. It is essentially the practice of ‘yoga sleep’ and, as such, just requires you to lie in savasana (corpse pose) and relax. There are no strong poses or fast flows, you really do just lie on the floor and experience a state of deep relaxation. For those who struggle with more active forms of yoga, this really is yoga for every body.

If you suffer from stress and/or a busy life, yoga nidra is a practice that will enable you to stop, rest, and recharge like no other. In a similar way to meditation, yoga nidra enables you to find peace and relaxation, and it really doesn’t matter if you fall asleep. It is thought that a 30 minute yoga nidra session is equivalent to 2-4 hours of normal sleep, so if you are struggling with insomnia, yoga nidra may help.

You'll need a mat, blanket and pillow. You may even want to bring a sleeping bag so you can stay super cosy!

We’ll be creating a lovely, relaxing environment with candle light and essential oils.


Daventry Methodist Church