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Curriculum for Excellence - Scotland at Glasgow

kedd, 21 április '20   09:45 – 15:30 BST
West of Scotland Science Park, Glasgow Kelvin Campus, 2317 Maryhill Road, Glasgow, G20 0SP
Cancelled due to Covid 19


Who should attend this course?
All staff working with children over three in an early years setting.

What Will I learn?
You will learn about the curriculum framework and legislation. Discuss the purpose, aims and values of the curriculum. You will look at how the four capacities support outcomes for children. You will learn the importance of evaluating the principles of curriculum for excellence, look at the experiences and outcomes and become familiar with the progression pathways and how they support next steps in learning.

Key Topics:
-To discuss partnerships and collaboration
-Consider equity and how we can close the gap
-Look at the four capacities of learning, equality, inclusion and wellbeing
-The curriculum



Curriculum for Excellence - Scotland at Glasgow


West of Scotland Science Park
Glasgow Kelvin Campus
2317 Maryhill Road
G20 0SP