Morning Yoga

Yoga Akasha, London Road, East Grinstead

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Morning yoga is the perfect way to start any day!

Are you a complete beginner?

Are you nervous about starting yoga?

Do you think you’re not flexible enough or the wrong ‘shape or size’?

Are you going through the peri menopause and worry about hot flushes?

Do you want to feel more ‘intune’ with your body?

Worry no more:

This is the yoga class for you!

This class is an hour of nourishment and relaxation. Informal and friendly :)

We use chairs, bolsters, blankets and ropes to make sure every student is comfortable and supported.

What to expect during class:

We will practice a mix of short sequences that focus on creating gentle rhythms of breath and movement, and restful postures you can sink into with your eyes closed. This combination of gentle movement and relaxed stillness helps you wake up your body for the day with a clear and relaxed mind.

Please email any questions or feel free to book now and reserve a space.

Sam 🧡


Summer Term 2
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Yoga Akasha
London Road
East Grinstead