Artist Surgeries

szerda, 8 december '21   10:00 – 10:25 GMT
Teljesen lefoglalt
Artist Surgeries

Free, 1-2-1 surgeries with members of the SDS team.

Siobhan Davies Studios are offering Artist Surgeries for dance artists, choreographers and others working in the dance sector.

Sign up for a 30-minute session with one of three members of staff:
Tues 7 Dec: with Freelance Producer Nancy Roberts
Wed 8 Dec: with Development Manager Carrie Anne Duff
Thurs 9 Dec: with Content and Communications Manager Rohanne Udall

Find out more about Artist Surgeries and what we're offering on our website


Sessions with Nancy and Rohanne can take place over zoom, in-person or on the phone. Sessions with Carrie can only take place over zoom or on the phone.

Meeting Online

Closed captions will be available. On our booking form please state any access requirements you may have. In addition, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or concerns.

To get in touch please email

Meeting at SDS

For guidance on getting to the studios please visit our website. Before attending our studios we also ask that you read our COVID-19 page and familiarise yourself with the precautions we’ve put in place to ensure the safety of staff and all our users.