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RESEARCH SPACE | Cripping Space & Time with Kitty Fedorec & Tanja Erhart

Siobhan Davies Studios
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Course dates

  • Sun, 9 May '21   11am – 4:30pm BST - done
  • Sat, 28 Aug '21   11am – 4:30pm BST - done
  • Sun, 3 Oct '21   11am – 4:30pm BST - done


This research space is for artists who identify as Crip, D/deaf, disabled or neurodivergent only.

How can the disabled body be empowered to redesign space and redefine time for itself in order to get what the body and mind need? How can we bring the wholeness of our body-minds into the space we share and dance as a catalyst of our individual needs and need for collective care?

This research lab was conceived by Dan Daw with Kitty Fedorec and Tanja Erhart to offer a space for artists who identify as Crip, D/deaf, disabled or neurodivergent. Led by Kitty and Tanja, the group will explore what happens if they try to centralise care by looking at what satisfies a collective of bodies in space and time.

By diving into each other’s lived experiences and sharing tools or life-hacks, we can offer a playground for our desires of belonging and our longings to create space for pleasures of what makes us feel good, happy, joyful, content, satisfied and even free.

This weekend is all about collectively holding space, not filling space and finding new ways of being together. What if we can all take control of our own experiences.


Kitty Ray Harper Fedorec is a performer and creator, bringing together movement, live art, queercore music and noise. Her work makes spaces and experiences that reach for a place of shared catharsis through the exploration of ritualistic urges. Kitty's practice comes from a place of unashamed queerness, neuro-divergence, chronic and mental illness.

Tanja Erhart (she/her), born in Austria based in London, identifies as a crip - chronically ill and physically disabled dance artist and cultural anthropologist. She creates her own work, teaches, choreographs, holds lectures & talks about disability, ableism and dance at various events and performed in pieces by Claire Cunningham, Michael Turinsky and Candoco Dance Company worldwide. Currently she is exploring movement practices of her three different bodyminds - onelegged, with her wheelchair or threelegged with her crutches - and pleasure activism in dance and disability justice, focusing on access, care and dismantling ableism.

Her current dance production “j_e_n_g_a” – an interactive dance film and a live performance in the making, in collaboration with dance colleague from Austria Katharina Senk, will premiere in Vienna in 2022.

Image from left clockwise: Dan Daw and Christopher Owen, photo Hugo Glendinning; Tanja Erhart and Katharina Senk in “j_e_n_g_a” by two crutches, photo Franzi Kreis / Im_flieger 2020; Kitty Fedorec by Christa Holka


This research space is for artists who identify as Crip, D/deaf, disabled or neurodivergent only.

This Research Space will take place at Siobhan Davies Studios, unless required to move online due to Covid-19 restrictions.

ID is wheelchair accessible.
ID’s online activities use auto caption software.
If you have particular access requirements do get in touch with to discuss these.



Flat fee

Course ticket - for all 3 dates.
Available until Sat 28 Aug '21 10am
Includes both research days


Siobhan Davies Studios

Siobhan Davies Studios is fully accessible to wheelchair users, with lifts to both floors. There are two accessible parking spaces available on site which can be booked in advance.

The Roof Studio is fitted with an infra red audio system and both studios have an induction loop hearing system. ID is currently not financed to provide BSL interpretation or audio description for events in the building.