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Course dates

  • Wed, 28 Jul '21   5pm – 7:30pm BST - done
  • Thu, 29 Jul '21   5pm – 7:30pm BST - done
  • Fri, 30 Jul '21   5pm – 7:30pm BST - done


Meeting ourselves along the way: Making friends with our SubConscious Dancing

Through movement scores for dance improvisation, contact improvisation, experiential investigation, somatic exercises and indepth personal inquiry, the intention of this workshop is to cultivate those actions of being that support the bodymind in its relations with the world. We gain new tools of physical attention. This work starts at home, with ourselves, where decisions are made that implicate how we dance and how we live. The platform from which most of our actions emerge in dance, as in our life, is the meeting ground of our conscious and our subconscious mindbody. By awakening this relationship, the very edge of knowing appears, and we can begin to form a generous, caring, and deeply informing alliance. Encouraging our subconscious to move us before our conscious awareness can act, allows us to engage in far more complex relationships with one another and our worlds. We gain capacity for surprise, richer interactions with our environments, precision that opens possibility, and we begin to sense the full breadth of our invisible wings. Live music will be provided by Miles Wilder.


Nita Little (USA) investigates embodied attention within movement practices with a concentration on both creative and relational practices. She looks toward a future that recognizes our environmental entanglements and values many forms of embodied communication. A dance researcher, theorist/artist, and one of the founding developers of Contact Improvisation (CI) she teaches around the globe, guiding one of its forward leading edges. She began nearly forty-nine years ago, working with Steve Paxton on materials that became CI (1972) and was a participant in the earliest performances and teaching that helped it to become significant within dance and dance communities.Through scoring improvisations, she investigates ecological actions attention, particularly with respect to somatic communication between humans and between humans and the non-human. Within a lifetime of training, performing, choreographing and dancing, researching relationalities, CI, dance improvisation, a PhD, and a world-wide audience for her teaching, and lecturing, she is an activist for relational intelligence. She currently directs an international institute for the study of somatic communication (ISSC, 2016)

Miles Wilder is a multi-instrumentalist sound-sculpting performer and live-composer. They create genre-defying eclectic work that melds multi-instrumental analog live-looping, soulful vocals, and engaging comedic absurdity. Their current work is a lush landscape in between exacting precision and raucous abandon. In that middle place they are cultivating a sonorous garden where all are welcome.

Image: Nita Little, photo Fabio Flecha


This workshop will be delivered online on Zoom.
Automated live captioning will be available during the workshop.

ID code of conduct

This code of conduct is intended as a set of guidelines we aim to follow in order to make our spaces more welcoming for all participants.

We trust that we all:

  • respect everyone’s accessibility and communication needs
  • acknowledge that we all communicate in different ways and encourage participants to engage in whatever way they feel comfortable e.g. camera on, camera off, using the chat instead of speaking
  • commit to creating an environment of anti-racism and inclusivity for all. However, we acknowledge that this is a process/journey. In the spirit of this, ID are open to feedback and criticism in ways we can do this better.



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This ticket provides access to all three dates: 28, 29 and 30 July.

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Online event