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In Person Classes

In Person Classes

Welcome to our new in person class booking page!

Our classes run as a 5 week course

Course Costs (5 weeks)

  • £45 for one class per week
  • £68 for two classes per week (Saving £22)
  • £99 for three classes per week (Saving £36)

Add unlimited zoom classes for only £5 for the full 5 week course - Simply select 'IN PERSON ZOOM BOLT ON' from the timetable


Booking Steps -

  • From the Schedule, click the course you would like to join
  • 'Select' the course ticket
  • If you want to join more than one course, select other courses in the same way (Maximum of 3 in person classes a week)
  • Select 'In Person Zoom Bolt on' if you wish to do the zoom classes also (Only £5 when booking in person classes - Zoom classes are booked separately and a code is provided after checkout to remove the cost calculated).
  • When you have added all your courses (and zoom bolt on if required), select ‘View Selections’ which will take you to the confirmation/checkout page. Double check you have all the courses you require showing.
  • Select ‘Book Now’ and follow the checkout process (You do not need to register unless you want to)
  • You can pay online (preferred) or select to pay in person at first class (card or cash accepted)Booking Steps -
From 25 Apr 2024
May, 2024
7 Tue Course: 5 dates
Course: 5 dates
Course: 5 dates
Course: 5 dates
8 Wed Course: 5 dates
Course: 5 dates
Course: 5 dates
9 Thu Course: 5 dates
10 Fri Course: 5 dates
Course: 5 dates
11 Sat Course: 5 dates
Course: 5 dates
13 Mon Course: 3 dates
Course: 3 dates
9 Sun 1 day
Times shown in timezone: London