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Avalanche Safety and First Aid - One Day workshop - 90€

Saturday, 11 December '21   1 day
Fully booked
Avalanche Safety and First Aid - One Day workshop - 90€


Paddy Morris - ski instructor extraordinaire and Jason Day, UK qualified First Aid trainer, have put together this day-long on snow course focusing on both avalanche awareness and off-piste safety, as well as first aid techniques specifically for ghastly traumatic injuries and suffocations in snowy environments.

No snake-bites, no burn victims. Just the latest CPR techniques, stopping traumatic bleeds, managing broken limbs and dealing with head injuries. It'll be on skis/boards for half the day, and in the classroom for the other half. Basically a sharpener to get you on top of things just in case.

Also a great precautionary Christmas present for older kids who are starting to shred on their own and perhaps ought to know about the more macabre stuff that can be encountered on the mountain.


The booking fee (45€) is a deposit to make sure that we can book the accommodation etc. and represents half the full workshop fee of 90€. We have an online booking system which can take card payments for the deposit.

This deposit is non refundable - the balance is due on the day of the course payable in cash.

Half the group will do the First aid in the morning with Jason and half will do the avalanche workshop with Paddy, then in the afternoon the groups rotate and do the other half of the day. Times and location tbc once we have got them booked - but at least we know there will be snow!


Avalanche safety and first aid workshop
non-refundable deposit of 45€, the balance (45€) payable on the day of the workshop in cash.