Advanced Yoga Skills - Full Course

Saturday, 25 January '20   8 days
Canterbury Yoga Studio, Highfield House Summer Hill, Harbledown, Canterbury, CT2 8NH

Upgrade your experience and understanding of embodied yoga and meditation with expert guest tutors in a range of yoga specialisms from around the UK.

This uniquely tailored training is for committed yoga practitioners and yoga teachers. Karin has invited highly experienced and skilled guest tutors to share their expertise in some very current and developing aspects of yoga. This will help you upgrade your understanding of yoga to be informed by some of the latest developments in the world of movement and mind training.

​By attending this training expect to:

​Refine your yoga practice and teaching skills,
Find new inspiration and depth of understanding yoga,
Work with highly experienced teachers who do not normally teach in Kent,
Touch base with practitioners who have a deep interest in yoga,
Learn about contexts that are influencing yoga, including:
*compassion training
*trauma awareness
*how yoga can heal

​Detailed learning materials will be provided and you will be encouraged to join an ongoing online community of practitioners for continued support, inquiry and peer learning.

The course is divided into 5 modules, taught over 5 different weekends throughout 2020. The modules can be booked separately if you are unable to attend the full course.
Save up to £160 by booking the whole course

Module details, dates and times are as follows:

Compassion practice in yoga – 1-day - with Karin van Maanen

Saturday 25th January 2020 10am – 5pm

​How can we bring the active intention of compassion into the way we practice and teach yoga, and apply principles of compassion training into our work and daily lives? This can enrich our relationships with ourselves and others, prevent “compassion fatigue” and burn-out. Karin studied the neurology of compassion as part of her MSc in Mindfulness Studies and has explored the application of this extensively in secular and Buddhist mindfulness and embodiment training. The training will mainly be practical and experiential. More background on the research of compassion will be explored in the June module.

Embodied anatomy – weekend - with Beverley Nolan, assisted by Karin van Maanen

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th March 2020 10am – 5pm

Beverley Nolan is a highly skilled yoga, somatics and authentic movement teacher, yoga teacher trainer, certified embodied facilitator, and therapist based in Cambridge. She draws on BodyMind Centering® and the Feldenkrais® approaches to intelligent movement. Expect an experiential and practical exploration of our human anatomy with attention to detail and a slow mindful approach to asana practice exploring the way we organise our body around our physical centre, our relationship with gravity and seeking balance between flow and stability.

Practical philosophy & embodied meditation – weekend - with Vidyadasa Ady Griffiths and Karin van Maanen

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th May 2020 10am – 5pm

Vidyadasa (Ady Griffiths) is a yoga and meditation teacher and senior Embodied Yoga Principles tutor. He is also an ordained lay member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, a web designer and a husband and parent. Karin and Vidyadasa regularly work together and are both keenly interested in applying principles of embodied yoga and Buddhist philosophy and meditation to life off the mat and cushion. This weekend will be a practical inquiry into how we can deeply engage with the richness of human life through community, practice and applied yoga and Buddhist philosophy.

The neuroscience of yoga and meditation – 1-day - with Karin van Maanen

Saturday 13th June 2020 10am – 5pm

​Karin will share some of the latest findings in the science of yoga, meditation and embodied practice alongside a practical exploration of how these findings could help us adapt the way we practice and teach yoga so that it is as helpful as possible to our bodies and minds and our students’, and informed by some of the latest developments in movement and mindfulness research.

Yoga for healing and trauma awareness – weekend - with Jude Murray, assisted by Karin van Maanen

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September 2020 10am – 5pm

Jude Murray is a yoga teacher, healer and holistic body work and movement therapist and Yoga Elder member of the Independent Yoga Network. She specialises in yoga for people living with cancer, and is course director of Healing Space. She is also a senior teacher of Embodied Yoga Principles, a certified Embodied Facilitator and hospital chaplain. Jude is particularly skilled in therapeutic applications of yoga, making yoga safe and accessible to those with long term illness, trauma and highly sensitive individuals (for example people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder). Jude will guide us through yoga practices particularly suitable in therapeutic and trauma-aware settings and open up an inquiry into how we can best serve yoga students with more complex needs.


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Advanced Training for Yoga Teachers

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