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Waterscapes- Water Workshops, Sintra, Portugal

Tuesday, 10 October '23   6:30pm – 8pm CEST
Liquidzome, Estr. Boialvo 155, Sintra, 2710-543
6 spaces available


Welcome to aquatic bodywork.

Water playshops (you’ve probably worked enough!) to explore the body in water. Each workshop is slightly different but aimed at, creating space in the body, mind, spirit, releasing emotions and resetting the nervous system and deepening connection.

Themes are loose and depend on the energy of the group at that particular moment. Pool is heated to 35 Celsius and chlorine free! Further information available just drop me a line.

Typical session will involve, arriving, checking in with the individuals needs / desires and fostering the group energy and housekeeping of the pool zone. Arriving in the space, showering well and meeting around the pool in a circle for sharing. Entering the pool, attuning from the land body to the aquatic body. Moving around the pool, exploring the space, the water and the body in water. Meeting in the centre, explanation of water therapy, expression of boundaries or emotions arising. Then pair work or groups of 3 work- could be floating experience, dancing experience, meditation or sound, journey. Ending with a whole group experience.

Tuesday 3rd October - releasing summer & settling into autumn
Tuesday 10th October- Let it go, Let it flow
Tuesday 17th October - Giving & Receiving
Tuesday 24th October - Creating Space
Tuesday 31st October -Halloween special!
50 Per session (includes 30 Euros for pool hire)


To attend please pre book and pay.
Arrive at the location 10-15 minutes before the workshop so that we can be in the water and ready to start at the given time.
The pool is booked in a 90 minute slot so important to honour time keeping.
Bring - drinking water, swimwear, towel, and something cosy for afterwards. Really important to shower really well before the water so that we do no contaminate it (there are showers there)
Recommended not to eat anything heavy 90 minutes before.
This is a really beautiful sacred space we're entering together you are welcome to tune in with an intention for the playshop.



1 x WaterScapes workshops

6 available
Pool hire is 30 Euros * 20 Euros for organiser (Katie)


Estr. Boialvo 155

Park at the front gate we will meet there 15 minutes before our booking position


  • Changing facilities
  • Showers
  • Toilets