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Yoga Workshop - Move. Breathe. Believe.

Saturday, 11 June '22   10am – 12pm BST
Christ Church, Fog Lane, Corner of Parrs Wood Road, Manchester, M20 6EE
6 spaces available
Yoga Workshop - Move. Breathe. Believe.


Have you ever been completely and utterly immersed in something?  You are oblivious to the outside world & focused on what’s going on right here & now?  There is the sense that time has slowed down, a fluid connection between mind & body.  

This is the state of flow which is sometimes known as being ‘in the zone’.  According to positive psychologists, when we achieve the flow state, we feel motivated, we are energised & our general well-being improves.  It is widely recognised that the same qualities are elicited through both yoga & meditation.

When we practise yoga, there is an element of exploration as we begin to move in different ways.   And, the more we practice, gradually what feels unfamiliar becomes familiar & we begin to move with greater ease.    Repetition creates mind & muscle memory meaning that we are open to the potential of moving with more ease.   Repetition & this growing sense of easefulness brings with it newfound confidence.

As we expand our range of movement, we are also more expansive in our self-belief, our focus strengthens as we get in to flow.  

The June workshop will be an extended version of our weekly Yoga Moment classes.  The movements will be familiar, yet we will have more time to work on techniques and skill build.  You will discover what's possible when you fully immerse yourself in your practice and you find your yoga flow.   You will feel freer in your body & your mind.


Come with an open mind & a readiness to challenge those limiting thoughts & beliefs

Be ready, to move, to breathe, to believe. 

Oh & don't forget your yoga mat


Saturday Yoga Workshop
6 available


Christ Church
Fog Lane
Corner of Parrs Wood Road
M20 6EE